The process

Communicating with you and your buyer

I will do everything in my power to ensure that the process of selling your property is smooth, transparent and refreshingly simple.

I will walk you through the entire process, keeping you updated at every stage of the sales process.

I always follow up with your potential buyers and keep your property at the top of their mind until such a time that the lead ends or best‐case scenario they become your buyer.

Communication is key and you will know about every interaction I have with your potential buyers.

Genuine Buyers

After many years in the industry I have developed a knack for picking out the genuine buyers. In general, they:

  • are more organised
  • ask more questions
  • have their finance pre‐approved
  • enquire soon after the property is listed
  • come to the first or second open inspection
  • spend long periods of time looking around

But just because a buyer may not be in a position to buy immediately doesn’t mean they aren’t your buyer. I will never discount them as a possibility or miss the opportunity to build a relationship with those that are just browsing or those that are still organising themselves.

Instead, I build relationships with these people and am often able to bring them the property of their dreams, which may well be yours when they are ready to buy.

Working after hours and on weekends is part of this industry and I am more than happy to work through the weekend and at night so that the process of selling your home is never hindered by my personal availability.

Time for a property appraisal

Firstly, we need to catch up in person. I’ll come to your home at a time that is convenient to you. I’ll take a look around your home, take down the property details, discuss what I think you need to do to market your property, talk figures in a broad sense and ask you what you are looking for.

From there, I will head back to my office and do a full market appraisal. I’ll research what’s selling in your area, how long it has been on the market, is there an oversupply or undersupply of properties like yours and come up with an honest figure that I believe we can get for your property.

This is another point of difference. I will not overinflate your figure to get your business. I know many real estate agents do this which only leaves you out of pocket and disappointed in the result.

I guarantee that I will provide you with professional and honest real estate advice that you can make your life decisions based on.

I know that people need to achieve a certain price to be able to make their next move. If that figure is unrealistic, I will tell you at the risk of losing your property to another agent that will promise that price. I don’t want you to spend the money on marketing and all of the other costs associated with listing your property if I know that I can’t get you what you need.

This is not to say that I won’t aim high and deliver you exceptional results. In fact, one of my favourite things to do is get involved in a multiple offer situation whereby we can drive the price higher than expected. This can happen at times and will assist in getting your property sold quicker and for the right price.

Preparing your property for market

Preparing your property for market is completely variable depending on where it is, who you’re looking to sell to and the price you wish to achieve.

But there are some consistent things buyers are looking for. Most importantly, buyers are looking for properties in a good location, in a good school catchment, close to public transport and in an area that they personally love or can see growth in. These are most likely the same things you looked at when you bought the property yourself.

The most important thing to do when selling your property is ensuring that the property is neat and tidy. Mow the lawn, clean up the garden, remove the clutter and ensure your home is clean. It shows a level of care and allows the buyer to see the property for what it is.

It’s true that kitchens and bathrooms often sell houses, but it is also true that buyers often want to put their own stamp on a property. Build quality is also an important factor for most buyers and quick renos are never the answer.

Types of Buyers

You will likely be presented with four types of buyers:

  • a buyer looking for a move‐in ready
  • an investor looking for a rental
  • a buyer looking for a renovator
  • a buyer looking for a knockdown

I can help you decipher which category your property falls into and provide professional advice on the steps we need to take to get the best possible price.

Request an appraisal

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